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Tournament of memory of O. V. Mishukov will be supported by the Fund of Ustin Maltsev


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   On May 13th, 2016 at 12.00 in the territory of the scientific-training center of KSU, water sports base on the Bank of the Dnieper river, will host the fifth annual Open regional tournament in volleyball among female teams, dedicated to the memory of the rector, the Director of Kherson Academic Lyceum at KSU, the Honored worker of arts of Ukraine, Professor O. V. Mishukov. The tournament will be held in the framework of the national Patriotic festival KSU "Cossack guard" at the initiative of the student activists of the University with the support of KSU rector Professor V. M. Stratonova
   The competition will involve teams from Kherson and Kherson region.
   "The memorial tournament is important and good work that the Charity Fund Ustin Maltsev traditionally holds every year. We have to help children to develop and reach new heights!" commented andrusyak Alexander, chief justice.
    "The memory of a great man Oleg Vasilevich Mishukova will never fade in our hearts! For the fifth time we hold a tournament, starting in 2012. Practice shows that for children it is important and necessary! Our primary concern is always to attract youth to a healthy lifestyle, sport and active life position" - said the head of the charity Fund of Ustin Maltsev.

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