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Save the life of baby Nazar


  The four-month boy Nazar Simonenko since the third week of his life he lives on droppers in hospitals (Kiev, now - Lvov) permanently. On the 16 day after the discharge his mother noticed that the baby is not all right, and appealed to the district pediatrician. The next day the newborn and his mother were taken to the hospital. In the hospital ward heavy bleed from the baby's navel has been started, and after that he was reanimated. Kiev specialists made Kasi surgery (with biliary atresia artificial creation of ducts). During surgery, the doctors diagnosed: "Congenital pathology of growth. Liver biliary atresia". At the moment, Nazar with his mother is in the hospital in Lviv, where experienced doctor is engaged in supporting the baby.
  As Kasai surgery has not helped, and cirrhosis of the liver begins to develop. At the moment the only thing that can save this child is the liver transplantation from sibling donor. Such an operation is carried out in the Polish clinic "Center for Child Health", Warsaw. At the moment, the cost of such an operation is 70 000 euro.
  Young mother has only one hope that people who care could help. If do not save now, if do not collect the necessary sum immediately, the baby would not survive.
  Ustin Maltsev Fund with Nazar parents appeal for help in raising funds for surgery. Ask to respond all indifferent people to this problem. Let's help together to save this fragile little life!

Payment: for Symonenko Nazar
Contact: +38099367 74 11 Gehry Ivanna Evgenevna (mother)



If you have some difficulties with making your payment or you do not see your contribution in the report, please contact us by: office@ymfund.org.ua
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