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Urgent kidney transplantation for Isabella


  For the life of 12-year-old girl Isabella Kochetkova the best specialists of the centre of toxicology fight more than two years. After lengthy surveys in Ukrainian clinics doctors identified and established the diagnosis to a child: "Dysplasia both kidneys, CRF IV degree." During the surveys girl was under apparatus artificial kidney. More than two years of a child completely deprived childhood, school and communication with children.
  Basic and effective methods of treatment for the child in the terminal stages of chronic kidney failure are dialysis program and urgent kidney transplantation. Unfortunately, there are no suitable donor between relatives and friends of Isabella.
  The result of the consultation of the Ukrainian and Belarusian specialists, it was decided to carry out a kidney transplant from an unrelated donor in the 2nd Minsk City Children's Clinical Hospital, Republic of Belarus. The needed amount for the treatment is 60 000 USD.
  Urgent kidney transplantation is the only chance to save the life of a child.
Isabella mother and Ustin Maltsev Charity Fund requested assistance in collecting of funds to carry out urgent and vital treatment. Let's help Isabella feel healthy and happy child, because it will allow the transplant to live without the constant fear of a fragile little life!

Bank details for donations:
Privat Bank Card: 5168 7420 2607 7267
Purpose of payment: for Kochetkova Isabella
Recipient: Maltsev Ustin Valerievich (Director of the Foundation)

Phone: +38093 8720246 Natalia Marinchenko (Isabella aunt)


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