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Volleyball tournament on the memory of O. V. Mishukov has been held


  April 25, 2015 IV Open region volleyball tournament among women's teams, dedicated to the memory of honored art worker, Professor Oleg Vasilievich Mishukov, took place in the walls of the Sport Hall of Kherson State University.

  The headmaster of the Kherson Academic lyceum O. V. Mishukov at KSU docent Tatyana Tomilina and the chairman of HOV VOO "Sport community pupils of Ukraine" Aleksandr Andrusiak expressed their gratitude to Ustin Maltsev Fund, for the assistance and support in organization of the tournament, and the project manger of sport block at Organization "WE ARE KHERSONIANS" Evgeniy Pelikh, for sponsorships.
  Public figure, Ustin Maltsev wished victories to all participants, and said: "We have to remember our past as not to lose the future! This event is a tribute to the memory and honor the outstanding Ukrainian and our compatriot, Oleg Vasilievich Mushukov. On our side, we are obliged to remember and honor the memory of those people who have made great work for the development of normal, high-quality society in our region".
  This year there were young sportsmen from Nikolaev, champions of Ukraine; team from Chulakovka, which last year won the first place; and Ukrainian beach volleyball champions. For the first time this year, the team from Novaya Kakhovka, and also the strongest teams from Kherson. Every year our tournament is becoming more popular because a lot of teams want to participate in this tournament" - commented Aleksandr Andrusiak, main coach of competition.

  So according to the results of the competition to be called champions of IV tournament have following:
1 place - CYSS №5 from Nikolaev, coach Bahmutov Vadim Valerievich;
2 place - Chulakovskaya Secondary School of Golaya Pristan region "Adelaida", coach Yakubovsky Bogdan Tadeevich;
3 place - N. Kokhovka, team coach Boyko Petr Anatolievich.
  Winners of the tournament were awarded with diplomas, sports cups, balls and gifts. And the most important they've got a lot of positive emotions from the current competition.
  It was an exciting and worthy of a game!


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