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For the first time in the first class!


  Today, the first autumn day, new school year started for the all children, pupils, students. Studying continues for someone, but for the first-graders everything only gets started, they move towards their new life, where interesting and cognitive world of knowledge, communications and adventures.
  The Day of Knowledge - it is the first bells and excitements, a lot of flowers and white bows, and of course, the traditional first lessons of peace. It is the most awaited day for those who first crossed over the school threshold. This day was exciting for children, who are particularly in need of love, care and attention from us adults.

  Share the joy and congratulate the first-graders of Kherson special school number 1 came the representatives from "Association "WE ARE KHERSONIANS", Ustin Maltsev Charity Fund and other guests. Social activists visited school parade, and after the first bell and together with the children went to the class for the first lesson "We - Ukraine is unitary".
  "September 1 - it is not only the Day of Knowledge, but also a holiday, symbolized the beginning of a new step in the life of each of us. We must instill every little child how to love life, to education, to learning! Our main task is to teach kids to learn consciously, with joy and enthusiasm! All our work, we try to invest in our future generations a love for education!", congratulated the representative of the charitable fund, Kateryna Belokon.

  This bright and sunny day, the representatives of the public organization "Association "WE ARE KHERSONIANS", Ustin Maltsev charitable foundation and not indifferent citizen of Kherson Anna Gridina, visited as well center for social and psychological rehabilitation for children. 4 of 12 children, who live in the center today, are first-graders. Social activists and philanthropists adorned this holiday for the children who are deprived of parental love and care, congratulated the children with gifts and sweets. In return, children gave a small concert and pleased with their talents and smiles all those present.
  "It is very nice that in such an important and memorable day, we were able to share the joy and congratulate the first-graders. I wish teachers patience and inspiration, ease of learning, success and health for students, and that parents have wisdom and strength!", said an activist of public organization" Association "WE ARE KHERSONIANS» Dmitry Poddubny.

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