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A children’s regional exhibition of paintings “The way to the beauty” took place in Kherson



   On April 20, 2012 a children's paintings exhibition that was the final stage of the regional contest "The way to the beauty" was held in Kherson in Kherson regional art museum of A.Shovkunenko. 
   Founders and organizers of the contest were Management of culture and tourism in Kherson regional state administration, Kherson regional art museum of A.A.Shovkunenko, Kherson regional organization of the National union of painters of Ukraine. 
   The contest started on November 10, 2011 and was held in order to develop fine arts in Kherson region, to bring out gifted children of fine arts schools, to make heads and teachers of art departments at schools of aesthetic education work and exchange experiences.
   At the exhibition works of pupils of children's art schools of Skadovsk, Novaya Kahovka, Velika Alexandrovka and Golaya Pristan, as well as children's music schools of Belozerka and Stanislav were presented. The participants of the exhibition were winners of the contests that took place in these schools.


   All the works that were presented at the exhibition are small children's masterpieces. One can feel in them all the warmth, kindness and sincerity of their souls that they put into the works. We must pay tribute to the teachers who taught the pupils the skills of fine arts, their diligent work was reflected in beautiful works of their pupils. Thus, on the results of the contest the winners of the I stage were:

1st palce - Smirnova Viktoria (the work "Winter park of our town")
2nd place - Rosenzweig Viktoria, Malova Ksenia, Chernenko Maria, Peretyatko Katerina, Musevich Ksenia (the work "Krashenki")
3rd place - Litvinova Natalia (the work "An owl")

The winners of the II stage were:
1st place -
Konstantinova Maria (the work "A landscape with sunflowers")
2nd place - Yerina Aliona (the work "An underwater fantasy")
3rd place - Kolesnikov Vladislav (the work "A Ukrainian man")
4th palce - Romanchuk Aliona (the work "A Ukrainian woman")

The winners of the III stage were:
1st palce - Dudnik Katerina (the work "The tree of life")
2nd palce - Chernuha Yulia (the work "A winter landscape")
3rd place - Aystra-Testina Elizaveta (the work "In my yard")

All the winners were awarded diplomas of the winners and valuable prizes.
The head of the charity fund Ustin Maltsev could not miss such an event. Kherson philanthropist always supports events of the kind, especially if it concerns the development of children's creation works. Chuprina Vladimir Grigorievich, president of the National union of artists of Ukraine, came also to support the young talents.

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