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Ustin Maltsev’s fund congratulated disabled children!



  On September 1, 2012 - on this wonderful Knowledge day - representatives of the Charity fund of Ustin Maltsev visited an orphan school and children's orphanage for disabled children in Tsyurupinsk. The tradition to congratulate children who are deprived of parental care has existed for a long time in the fund. Children, in their turn, always surprise guests with bright concerts and talented performances. 
  This time the celebration of the First bell was held merrily and cheerfully, even though all foster-children of the orphanage have severe disabilities. Children feel constant support of mentors and sincere support of all those people who care about children's present and future, who provide regular help and who are ready to give friendly support any time.


  The head of the preschool , general secondary education department of education and science administration of Kherson regional administration - Levenets Nina Ivanovna, volunteers of the Charity fund "Yangolyatko", employees of the fund of help to people affected by Chernobyl, representatives of the Charity fund of Ustin Maltsev. 
  Children listened to congratulations of all the guests and got pleasant and necessary presents. The fund of Ustin Maltsev gave the "Marine Alphabet" to first graders It is a coloring book written in verse from A to Z. The aim of the book is to broaden children's outlook, improve reading skills and memory. The rest of the pupils got colored stationery supplies, exercise books, albums, markers. School children like this all so much as it makes the learning process more interesting and entertaining. 
  It is neither the first nor the last time that the fund of Ustin Maltsev visits children's orphanages in Tsyurupinsk. We wish the first graders curiosity in gaining knowledge, perseverance and enthusiasm and want confidently add: See you soon!

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