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Day of Disabled persons in the specialized school №1


   December, 3, is the day of strong spirit people. It is the Day of those who weren't broken down by fate in certain circumstances, the Day of people with disabilities. For 22 years the whole world celebrates the day of the disabled persons on December, 3. The decision to proclaim such a day, the General Assembly of the United Nations made in order to raise awareness and mobilize support issues concerning inclusion of people with disabilities as the social structures and processes of development.

Kherson charity fund Ustin Maltsev help support good please rescue Charitable Foundation

   Traditionally, at the Kherson specialized school №1 the concert for all teachers and students, dedicated to this day, was organized. There were a lot of guests and sponsors, including representatives of Kherson Charitable Foundation of Ustin Maltsev, representatives of the insurance company "Aegon", representatives of the initiative group of public association "Samopopich" in Kherson, the head of administration of education in Kherson and Kherson region, deputies, students from schools and colleges, and many other guests. Invited guests gladly came to support children with a kind word and gifts. In return, the kids have pleased everyone by dances, scenes and songs. Each of them tried to give a piece of their heart.
   "Unfortunately, in Ukraine every year the number of persons with disabilities does not decrease, but quite the contrary. And they need our high attention, care and love. Let's not forget about the main thing -the support and aid, attention and understanding all that is necessary for children with special needs, not only today, but always", said in her congratulatory speech the representative of Foundation Ekaterina Belokon.

Kherson charity fund Ustin Maltsev help support good please rescue Charitable Foundation

    In his conversion to audience the representative of the initiative group on creating of the public organization "Samopomich" in Kherson, Andrey Tkachenko said: "It only depends on us in what the conditions that outlook will be formed. Let's take care, mercy and respect for such people and especially children! They must understand that they are valuable members of society and are able to benefit in the political, economic, social and cultural life of their country, their city".

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