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Ustin Maltsev Fund supported the celebration of the Day of Europe


  The third Saturday of May it is traditionally celebrate the Day of Europe. May 16, 2015 there were the series of events dedicated to the Day of Europe in Kherson.

  In the framework of the celebration, with the support of Kherson Center of European Information and Ustin Maltsev Charitable Fund, the exhibition of children creative art collective "Original". More than 100 art works in different techniques and genres were presented for the citizens and guests of Kherson at the regional library O. Gonchar. Young painters, in the age from 5 to 15 years, in their own ways expressed their vision of the theme "European motives". Children works echoed in the hearts of everyone who were present at the event. All paintings filled with warm bright colors, emotions, feelings and sincerity. And it gives us confidence in our common future.
  Representatives of Ustin Maltsev Fund supported young talented participants, thanked for the bright festival program, good mood and especially for their first, but confident, steps in creating masterpieces. Moreover, benefactors awarded winners with the prizes that will help them in further creative development.

  "The celebration of the Day of Europe for Ukraine and Ukrainians became very important and mounting affair. This due to that fact that we have many common ideals, we have European mind. Our country, with its culture heritage can take well-deserved place in Europe. We pin our hopes on younger generation. Ukrainian youth are for the development Ukraine in the European direction. And Ustin Maltsev Fund is always ready to support new and old projects to support the young generation and the future of our city and Ukraine", commented the representative of the fund, Lyaskovskaya Olga.

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