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It's 287 years past since John Howard has born


  Every year in 2nd of September the representatives of the Fund of Ustin Maltsev memorialize the Great English man , humanist and philanthropist John Howard, who born in 2nd of September 1726. In a case of anniversary since his birth , the students of specialized school №1 came to lay flowers. Children have known about the lifestory of a famous benefactor and what he has done for Kherson, with big interest. Children had the same interest of more exact information and all heroic acts of a great benefactor. In their comments children were very thankful for a wide information and noticed: "We are, like a new generation, must save and carry the history, which is connected with our city!".
  "The one , who give his warmth and a part of his soul, his hart in a good thing is the God man! I want so much that in our time will be more such people ! Because we must do good thins and the world will be kinder and brighter !", - noticed the representative of the Fund Olha Lyaskovskaya.
  Notice: John Howard . This man came into world history like a one of the most prominent enthusiast in fighting with plague. In November 1789 Howard arrived in the port city of Kherson. Howard made friends with the family Mordvinov and appreciate care of Nikolai Semenovich in the accomplishment of Kherson admiralty. He sad that in all Europe nowhere he fund such order, clearness and accomplishment of jails and hospitals , like in Kherson, by leading of Mordvinov. Ad sepulchrum stas, quisquis es, amici"(it doesn't meter who you are , you are by a grave of your friend) and the obelisk with his pink medallion.

Give to him that asketh thee, and from him that would borrow of thee turn not thou away.

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