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"The Alley of spirituality" was opened in Kherson



  On the 14th of October in Kherson in Pokrovsky park opened "Walk of spirituality", in honor of the Blessed Virgin.
In Pokrovsky park established 17 stands, which are 17 Orthodox churches Kherson (in chronological order of the date of the base). This project was carried out with the blessing of the Archbishop of Kherson and Tauride and Women's Club "Initiative", which is headed by the Secretary of Kherson City Council Zoya Beregnaya.
  "I am sure that not one heart will rejoice after in such a special place will be" the road to the temple "- said Zoya Beregnaya . - Life is short, so you need to have time to do good, to do things that are proud of our children. "
   Attended the opening of "Walk of Spirituality", as the first in Kherson so in Ukraine, Ustin Maltsev, head of the charity foundation. As you know, Ustin constantly working to raise the spiritual development of people and the Kherson region. "Spiritual development of both the individual and society as a whole, today is one of the main tasks of national importance. The younger generation should reflect on spiritual and moral values, because only such a person can work as hard for the prosperity of our homeland, "- said Ustin Maltsev. 
  Also this, the idea would not have been carried out without the support of advertising agencies in Kherson. Who made a huge effort that would make all the quality, speed and creative. Head "Department of aesthetics and Urban Development Department and the land use of Kherson city council" and a member of the city council Yuri Grechishkin, highlighted the work of advertising agencies and proposed to continue to develop the social and spiritual project for our city. "I am very pleased that support social entrepreneurs spiritual project for our city. I am confident that working together we will achieve great results "- said Yuri.

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