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Fundraising for Porchuk Daniel completed


  Thanks to the support kind-hearted people and joint support of volunteer's community "From Heart To Heart" and Ustin Maltsev Charitable Fund it was managed to collect necessary amount for the third stage of treatment for Daniil Porchuk.
  Since his birth Daniil had the diagnosis "Congenital chondrodystrophy with growth defect of cortical bones and affection of hip joints; cyphosis of lumbar spine; hydrocephaly". Child grows, but his hands and legs not. It is difficult for child to do all self-serves, he can't do by himself everything what do health children.
  Since the mid April 2015 the work, to attract public attention to the child's problem, has been hold and fundraising has been organized on the territories of Ukraine, Russia and other countries. Common efforts all indifferent people it was collected required amount - 270 000 UAH (12 000 USD), for the third stage of treatment.
  Daniil's mother and Ustin Maltsev Fund would like to thank all people who showed mercy and care and helped to save the child!!!
  Thank you for your kindness!

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