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Ustin Maltsev - "The life of John Howard is an example of social ministry"


The 2nd of September marked the 293th anniversary of John Howard's birth, a prominent English doctor, lawyer, philanthropist, England's first prison reformer, and a researcher of mass diseases in Europe, whose last years of life were connected with Kherson.
Caring residents of Kherson honored the memory of the doctor and philanthropist by laying flowers at his monument.
Ustin Maltsev, a well known head of the charity foundation in Kherson was one of them. 

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  "On the monument to John Howard, which was erected at the beginning of the XIX century, one can see Latin inscriptions "Alios salvos fecit" - "made others healthy", and "Vixit propter alios" - "lived for others", a bright example of social ministry we all must follow", he said, laying down the flowers.


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