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Fundraising for equipment

1   For diagnosis and treatment of seriously ill children, hospital requires special equipment, which a heavy financial and economic situation of the institution cannot allow to buy. Directorate of hospital requests for the opportunity to help in the acquisition of a number of devices for the treatment and study of children!
 The equipment required:

1. Immunoassay Analyzer ELx-800
2. Basic digital radiographic system
3. Digital Versatile X-ray complex of 3 jobs
4. Elektromiographe (4-channel)
5. Fibergastroscope for children
6. Elektroentsefalographe
7. Cistouretroscope for children
8. Blood Gas Analyzer
9. Ventilation transport apparatus
10. Car emergency (type C)

2   We call on all people! Let's work together to help our children, because healthy children – it is healthy future for our country! Your help - this is saving the lives of young Ukrainians!
   If you have the opportunity to support children's regional hospital, we suggest that you make donations to the account of the Foundation with purpose of payment  «donation for the hospital»!

Letter of application from the children's regional hospital

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19.03.15 The complex of equipment for Kherson Children Hospital
Preparation to Kherson Regional Clinical Hospital

11.07.13 Sensory room
20.05.12 Renovation and medical supplies for Children’s regional healthcare clinic (Neurological department)
20.12.11 Holter ECG monitoring and Daily Monitoring of Blood Pressure (DMBP) for the Children's Regional Hospital (department of cardiology)
01.12.11 The device analyzer hyperbilirubinemia fotometrichny AHF-02 in Children's Regional Hospital (department of pathology)
15.11.11 Electronic scales for the Children's Regional Hospital (departmets of newborn / premature and pathology)
10.11.11 Children's cot in Regional Children Hospital (department of hematology)

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