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Orphanage needs your help

 1  Fund of Ustin Maltsev began an ongoing program to support the orphanages and boarding schools in the Kherson region. For mental and physical development of children, the organization of interesting leisure activities, hobby groups working to create normal conditions of stay of children in boarding schools and orphanages are constantly arising, requirements for students:
-Clothing and footwear
-Sports equipment
-Developmental board games
-Children's literature and art
-Materials for needlework
-The personal-care products

   The school and orphanage called upon to assist in the acquisition of capabilities necessary for a number of their pupils things and objects. 2
   We call on all people of good will, if you have the opportunity to support the purchase of supplies for children, will be very thankful and grateful!

   You can pass the necessary things in person in an institution or to have them in our office of the Fund at Kherson, street. Sovetskaya 12 / 14, 3 floor, office 16, telephone (0552) 49-49-12 E-mail office@ymfund.org.ua

Letters treatment of orphanages

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14.03.16 Gifts to pupils of the rehabilitation center
 Gifts for pupils from the rehabilitation center
01.08.15 Presents for first-graders on the Day of Knowledge
02.06.15 Gifts to orphans at Children's Day
30.05.15 Sweet surprises for pupils from special school №1
07.04.15 Gifts for Day of Kindness and Mercy
 Gifts for children at boarding school

19.12.14 Gifts in Tsyurupinsk boarding school
08.12.14 Toys for children with disabilities
02.06.14 Gifts for the Center of Children’s Social and Psychological rehabilitation
30.12.13 New Year Day in orphanage
27.12.13 New Year fairytale in Tsiurupynsk
20.12.13 St Nicolas Day in specialized school №1
26.07.13 A holiday for orphan children
01.04.13 The gifts for children from the special school № 1
06.03.13"The Princess Ball" was held in the boarding school
18.01.13 The project «Be an angel of goodness for orphans»
15.01.13 Gifts for Starozburevsk boarding school
28.12.12 New Year for orphan children
19.12.12 St. Nicholas Day in Tsyurupynsk boarding
02.11.12 Tsyurupinsk orphanage for disabled children
24.10.12 Presents for children Tsyurupynsk orphanage
01.09.12 Presents at the celebration of September 1 in Tsyurupinsk children’s orphanage for disabled children
01.06.12 Toys and stationery for the children from Kherson regional orphanage for underage in Stepanovka village
09.04.12 Medication “Ceraxon” for the abandoned child
27.03.12 Books for children from Kherson regional children’s home for minors in the village of Stepanovka                                      
25.03.12 Children’s things for the family with many children
21.03.12 A children’s bunk bed for the family with many children
17.03.12 Presents for the Tsurupinsk boarding school for disabled children
25.02.12 Gifts for children from Tsyurupynsk boarding school for disabled children
21.01.12 Gifts for children from Tsyurupynsk specialized boarding school I-II stages of the Kherson Regional Council
13.01.12 Gifts for children from Kherson boarding school named by T. Shevchenko
08.01.12 Gifts for children from communal institution of Kherson city council "Shelter for Children Department for Children of the regional state administration" in the village Stepanovka
27.12.11 Gifts for children from Kherson Regional Children's House of child «Little baby»
23.12.11 Gifts for children from Tsyurupynsk specialized boarding school I-II stages of the Kherson Regional Council





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