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Restoration of the paintings for the museum of Shovkunenko


   Ustin Maltsev charity fund invited specialists from the National research restoration centre of Ukraine for the renovation of the paintings in Kherson regional art museum of Shovkunenko. The following canvas were restored:

- Skirgello B. "Harvest"
- Zagorodnyuk F. "Academician A.Greben"
- Sizikov V. "Legendary Lioshka"

Payment for the restoration was made by the charity fund of Ustin Maltsev

   Works on restoration of paintings is held in the framework of the social and welfare project "Let us save the cultural heritage" which was organized by Ustin Maltsev charity fund.

Skirgello B. "Harvest"    Zagorodnyuk F. "Academician A.Greben"     Sizikov V. "Legendary Lioshka" 
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But in charity there is no excess...

Francis Bacon

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