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Christina Maltseva

  She graduated from Kherson State University in 2005, where she studied culture and arts. From 2000 to 2008 she worked as choreographer at Obriy dance studio.
  In 2008 she participated in several personal growth and individual development training programs. Since February 2008 Christina served been working as a project manager at the Ustin Maltsev Charitable Foundation.
  Since March 2016 has served as director of the charity fund Ustin Maltsev .

e-mail: office@ymfund.org.ua

Vladimir Kravchenko

 In 1994 Vladimir graduated from Odessa State University with Master’s degree in English and German Philology.
 In 2003 he graduated from Odessa National Ecological University, Dept. of Computer Science with Engineering degree in IT Systems Networking and Management.
 He continued his education at corporate business schools in Germany and Hungary. Since 1995 till 2017 he worked for international companies like Deutsche Lufthansa AG, Malev, Transaero, LedStore International Limited, UK, Konica Minolta Ukraine.
 Vladimir possess an extensive experience in aviation and travel industry, business development, project management in IT, sales and event management.

e-mail: office@ymfund.org.ua


Olena Tymoshyna

   In 2000 Olena graduated from Kherson State University, where she studied German and English Philology.
   She continued her education in Germany and earned her Master's degree in International Relations in 2005.
   From 2005 to 2010 she worked for different international companies like KP Media, Austrian Investment Company and ArcelorMittal International.
   Olena has an extensive experience in project management, event management, sales, marketing and business development.

e-mail: office@ymfund.org.ua

Vitaliy Ilyin

  In 1995-1999 Vitaliy studied economics at Kherson State Agrarian University.
   In 2001-2004 he studied international relations and got his Master's degree at Taras Shevchenko National University in Kiev.
  In 2004-2006 he earned Master's degree in Psychology at Kherson State University.
  Since 2005 he continued his studies of European Law at Moscow State University of International Relations in Moscow, Russia.

e-mail: 187718@gmail.com

Olga Lyaskovskaya

Olga Lyaskovskaya

   In 2006 Olga graduated from Kherson Institute of Economics and Law, department of economics and management.
  She has been working as project manager since July 2013.


e-mail: office@ymfund.org.ua 

Lyudmila Parhomets

Lyudmila Parhomets

  In 1998 she successfully graduated from the Kherson Center for youth and adult education.
 Since May 2006, she was active in social and voluntary activities.
 Since 2013 heads the volunteer organization " From Heart to Heart "

e-mail: office@ymfund.org.ua 

   вава Naboka Tatiana


In 2008 she successfully graduated from the Kherson National Technical University (qualification of a specialist in finance). 2008 to 2011 continued her education in postgraduate study at the Vadim Hetman Kyiv National Economic University. In 2015 she defended her dissertation on the topic "Budget expenditure management and directions for its improvement in Ukraine" with a degree in "Money, finance and credit" and received a PhD in economics.

Since 2006 he has been working as a lecturer at the Kherson National Technical University at the Department of Finance, Banking and Insurance. Also, concurrently, the chief accountant of Master Budget LLC.

Deputy of the Dniprovsky district council in the city of Kherson of the VIII convocation of 2020-2025.

My piece of bread only belongs to me when I know that everyone else has a share, and that no one starves while I eat.

Leo Tolstoy

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