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Icons and paintings restoration for Kherson museun

  The fund of Ustin Maltsev invited specialists from the National scientific research restoration centre of Ukraine for the renovation of paintings of the collection of Kherson regional art museum of A.Shovkunenko. The following paintings and icons were restorated:

- Ayvazovskiy I. "The storm subsided";
- Makovskiy V. "A woman's portrait";
- Sverchkov M. "A dog and a hare";
- Savrasov A. "Sunset";
- Rihter G. "Village landscape";
- Luke the Evangelist;
- Kotlyarov I. "Three horsemen";
- Lebedev-Suyskiy A. "Still life with music";
- Grigoryev S. "A young botanist";
- Stolitsa E. "Seashore".

  Payment for holding the restoration works was made by the fund of Ustin Maltsev.

  Works on restoration of paintings is held in the framework of the social charity project "Let's save the cultural heritage" that was organized by the fund of Ustin Maltsev.

Ayvazovskiy I. "The storm subsided"
Makovskiy V. "A woman's portrait"  Sverchkov M. "A dog and a hare" 
1  6  9 
Savrasov A. "Sunset"
Rihter G. "Village landscape"  Luke the Evangelist 
8  7  3 
Kotlyarov I. "Three horsemen"  Lebedev-Suyskiy A. "Still life with music"  Grigoryev S. "A young botanist" 
4  5  2 
Stolitsa E. "Seashore"     
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