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Fundraising for Bryansky Sergey completed


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   Thanks to the support of people of goodwill, joint support of community volunteers "From heart to heart" and the Foundation Ustin Maltsev managed to collect the necessary sum of money to purchase a cochlear implant for Bryansky Sergey.
Two years-old boy for chronic bilateral sensorineural deafness 4 degrees. The child absolutely can't hear and can't talk. Such disease very difficult to live in normal society. Sergey`s  parents appealed to the best specialists in otolaryngology, Kiev, where the doctors gave the hope that the child can save the hearing.
   From mid-may 2015, work had been undertaken to attract public attention to the problem of the child and organized to raise funds on the territory of Ukraine, Russia and abroad. The combined efforts of all concerned people managed to raise the necessary funds to purchase hearing implant. Treatment of Sergey will be conducted by qualified specialists of the Kyiv "Institute of otolaryngology named after O. S. Kolomiychenko" during which will be installed cochlear implant with which a child to learn to listen and to speak, and  to live a full life.
  Sergey`s parents and the Foundation Ustin Maltsev thank all of the people with a kind heart who showed compassion and concern, did not remain indifferent and helped save the health of the child!!! 
  Thank you for your kindness!

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