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Ustin Maltsev’s fund supported the all Ukrainian student olympiade



   From April 18 to April 20, 2012 the all Ukrainian student olympiade of the "Journalistic" and "Advertising and public connections" faculties took place оn the basis of Kherson academic lyceum at Kherson state university. An event of such a level was held for the first time in Kherson. The olympiade was held under the support of Ustin Maltsev's charity fund.
   Talented students were competing for the title of the best among the best during three days. More than 70 students presented educational institutions from all Ukraine. Honored members of the jury were assigned to estimate knowledge and skills of the students. The head of the jury was Alexandrov Alexandr Alexeevich, professor, Doctor of Philology whom they invited form Odessa.
   Cultural and entertaining program was organized for the participants of the olympiade where they had a wonderful opportunity to see our town, to visit the museum and to become members of the II international tourist forum, after which the participants wrote a creative composition. It was also taken into consideration when the results were calculated.


   Ustin Maltsev, the head of the charity fund said: "Information and advertising are essential and fundamental systems of the processes that occur in the society. Future specialists in journalistic and advertising must treat with responsibility work with information and its presentation to the masses".

   According to the results of the Ukrainian student olympiade in the field of "Journalistics" the following students were awarded diplomas and valuable prizes:
1st place - Shchedrinskiy Alexandr Gennadievich (Odessa national university of I.I.Mechnikov)
2nd place - Kalashnik Sergey Valentinovich (Zaporozhye national university), Koval Yulia Sergeevna (Sumi state university), Nimchenko Alexandra Alexandrovna (Kherson state university), Stepanenko Zoryana Alexandrovna (Kiev national university of Taras Shevchenko)
3rd place - Dub Yulia Ivanovna (Uzhgorod national university), Cherednichenko Anna Alexandrovna (Kharkov national university of V.N.Karazin), Shvets Katerina Sergeevna (Ternopol national pedagogical university of V.Gnatyuk).

   As to the results of the olympiade in the field of "Advertising and public connections" the following winners were specified:
1st place - Nemikina Valeria Olegovna (Kiev national university of Taras Shevchenko)
2nd place - Stepanchenko Yulia Stanislavovna (Dnepropetrovsk national university)
3rd place - Petruk Anastasia Alexandrovna (Odessa national university of I.I.Mechnikov).
All the participants were awarded diplomas and encouraging prizes that were provided by Ustin Maltsev's charity fund.

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