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The discussion of development of spirituality in Kherson region was held in the building of the Regional state administration



   On April 25, 2012 a conference on "Development of spirituality in Kherson region" was held in one of the halls of Kherson regional state administration, where representatives of education, family, youth and sport department of Regional state administration, representatives of high educational establishments of Kherson, Ustin Maltsev, the head of the charity fund, Oleg Chernenko, the head of the Regional union of masters of folk art "Dnipro palette", Palichev Yuriy, the head of the public organization "Bulgarians of Kherson" were present. Many questions that dealt with spiritual development of our society were considered in the course of the conference, problems that we always face and perspectives of their solving were raised.
   Social and cultural as well as psychology and pedagogical projects were offered. They will be aimed at development of national and humane values in the society, drawing the young generation to labor, art and culture. 
   Spiritual development of the personality as well as the society as a whole is a problem of national importance nowadays. The young generation must think of spiritual and moral values as only such people can work with full dedication for the sake of prosperity of our Motherland.

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