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An all city project “To the school with a book bouquet”



   A presentation of an all city project "To the school with a book bouquet" was held on August 10, 2012 in the press club "Noviy Den". The main aim of the project is to offer all schoolchildren to present to the class, to the school library or to a teacher a new book instead of traditional first September flowers. This will allow forming a classroom library, i.e. books that children can read during the whole school year or give to the school library, as it is an urgent need under the conditions of insufficient funding and absence of contemporary literature.
   Organizers of the project are the Ministry of education and science of Kherson regional state administration under the support of the governor of Kherson region, Kherson regional children's library. The initiator of the project was the Centre of Ukrainian Book. 
   Ustin Maltsev, the head of the Charity fund was also willing to give informational support to the project "To the school with a book bouquet". He said: "I, as a representative of the new generation of Ukraine, clearly understand that at the present moment youth pays little attention to reading of books, thereby making a big mistake as only a good book can develop personality".


   Representatives of municipal and regional authorities, writers, directors of schools, representatives of the Charity fund, library and businessmen were present at the event. Sergey Pantyuk, member of the National union of writers of Ukraine from Kiev, was a special guest at the press conference.
   Ustin Mlatsev's fund also presented a coloring book "Marine Alphabet" that will help children to learn reading skills quickly and improve their knowledge of alphabet. The author of the 
   Alphabet book was Vasiliy Zagorodnyuk, chairman of Kherson regional union of writers of Ukraine. 
Representatives of the Charity fund gave also 20 copies of the "Marine Alphabet" to the director of one of Kherson schools for first graders.
   "I am very demanding to children's books, but poems of the "Marine Alphabet" are really cool and clever", - said Sergey Pantyuk, a Ukrainian writer, a member of the National union of writers of Ukraine. 
   On September 1 all pupils of first grades of Kherson schools will get the coloring book "Marine Alphabet" as a present.

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