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The First bell rang in Kherson!



  Summer vacations finished and a new school year started as if unexpectedly. For some children it will be the first school year. 
Ceremonial lineups were held in every school in Kherson. This celebration united all pupils and teachers into one friendly school family.
Children of Kherson gymnasium №6 celebrated the 1st of September with a festive concert.
  Not only parents came to congratulate the children. Representatives of local authorities, the Charity fund and different organizations were also present. The former graduate of Kherson gymnasium №6, now the head of the Charity fund, philanthropist Ustin Maltsev came to congratulate the children and with them good learning. 
  "Education is the basis on which the wellbeing of our country is built. We must do everything so that the growing generation got quality education", - told Ustin Maltsev.
  All the first graders of the gymnasium were given by the Charity fund a coloring book "Marine Alphabet" which will help the pupils to learn the sea world, to master and strengthen the knowledge of Ukrainian alphabet.

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