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Ustin Maltsev Foundation congratulated psychologists


  April 21, at Kherson State University a public plenary session of all-Ukrainian scientific-practical conference of students, post-graduates and young scientists took place.
  Particular conference dedicated to the development of psychological science, and dated to the All-Ukrainian Day of psychologist, celebrated on April 23. At the opening ceremony the authors of the best articles on psychology, participating in the student's scientific works competition, were awarded with the prizes from Ustin Maltsev Fund.

  In the framework of the conference, for the following activities were provided:
1) Festival of social-psychological technologies, which provided a demonstration of proper developed or adapted programs of social-psychological trainings on different directions.
2) Competition of scientific author's articles which contains original results of social-psychological achievements.
3) Master-classes and trainings with the participation of members of the Ukrainian Society of psychotherapists and specialists of departments of general and social psychology, practical psychology KSU.
  And on April 22 summarizing and closing of the conference will held.
  "No matter what career path you will find: will you help other people by words, will you use the knowledge about man and psychology to achieve your own purposes-you will be filled with understanding of the inner world that will make productive to yourself and all what you do. Therefore, you will become a valuable resource for the development of our city and country!

  I am very pleased that I had such an honor to congratulate teachers and future specialists in psychology with their professional holiday. As well as to award winners of scientific competitions by prizes and presents" noted in her comment, the representative of fund, Lyaskovskaya Olga.


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