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Heartlet of 5-year-old Diana is saved


  Thanks to people of good will and Ustin Maltsev foundation support we managed to collect the necessary amount for treatment of Diana Nemirovskaya.
  After a series of virus diseases, bronchitis and pneumonias, the 5 year old girl appeared to have a congenital heart defect. The child was examined in Pediatric Region Clinical Hospital of Kherson, where the cardiologists diagnosed "Congenital heart defect, patent arterial duct".
  The surgery for endovascular closing of the patent arterial duct through intracardiac device implantation was vitally important. The clinic where the treatment should take place has been already found. The surgery will be held in Kiev Heart Center (Ministry of Health of Ukraine) free of charge.
  The doctors assured us that after this inevitable surgery Diana will be able to live a fulfilled life.
  In September 2015, our foundation started fund raising. Thanks to the people concerned we managed to raise 75 649 UAH  (2 800 USD ) for purchasing a suitable cardiac occluder.
  Ustin Maltsev foundation and Diana's parents sincerely thank all the people with empathic hearts who showed their mercy and care for those who need them.

  Thank you for your kindness!


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