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Raising funds for kidney transplantation for Isabella completed


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    In the struggle for life 13-year-old Isabella Kochetkova fought not only the mother and doctors, but also care about the people. For more than three years girl suffers from "Dysplasia of both kidneys, renal failure V degree". For Isabella recent years have become unbearable and excruciating pain, the child is completely deprived of childhood, school, communication with children. All these years the girl spent in the walls of the toxicology Department of the city of Kiev Okhmatdet under the artificial kidney. After conducting the necessary examinations in Minsk, Isabella will be conducted complex treatment with kidney transplantation in the 2nd city children's clinical hospital, Republic of Belarus.
    Thanks to the support of community volunteers, and support of the Charity Fund Ustin Maltsev was organized to raise funds for the kidney transplantation in the Republic of Belarus. The combined efforts of all concerned people managed to collect all the required amount is 60 000 USD!
    Charity Fund of Ustin Maltsev and mother of Isabella I sincerely thank all the caring people for their understanding, support and help in saving the life of a child!
Thank you for your good and support!!!

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