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Day of Kindness and Mercy


  On April 2, real festival event took place at Kherson boarding schools, which was organized with the blessing of Archbishop Kherson and Tauride Ioann on the Easter Eve in the framework of the project "Let's help the children orphans» by Kherson diocese UPS, for Family and Youth Affairs of the Orthodox Club and Ustin Maltsev Charity Fund.

  A lot of kind people answered and joined this charity event, which started on March 16, to give children their care and help as necessary things, office, toys and sweets.
  "At the moment, when the world thinks about some new vertices, different problems and difficult situation in the country, our children especially need our care, assistance and support. And we must not forget about it ever on weekdays and holidays. I congratulate you on the coming holidays of Palm Sunday, and Holy Easter. Bless the goodness, joy and love!" in his congratulating speech emphasized the Archbishop of Kherson and Tauride Ioann.

  Meeting with guests was held in a warm and festive atmosphere. Especially it was very nice for children to make Easter crafts and together with the students of six form of the special school № 57 grow a magic tree with fruits of virtues. Warm and joyful children met their wards and organized small performances for their guests.
  "Thanks to the support of all kind-hearted people who are imbued with the soul of a charity event; we were able to give to children a little holiday of goodness and joy. We hope so much that in these hours and minutes we are able to dilute a little the sadness in the children's hearts and give them warmth and love. We want to draw the attention of the Kherson citizens that particular project does not stop! It will be constantly acting and move forward, so that children will never feel alone,"- said Ustin Maltsev, the head of Charity Fund.

Give to him that asketh thee, and from him that would borrow of thee turn not thou away.

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