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The order of the "Goodness" presented to Ustin Maltsev



   On the the 1st of October at the City Clinical Hospital of. A. and G. Tropins held the feast day of the temple, "Barbara." At the vigil came parishioners, staff and patients of the hospital, representatives of the city authorities and charities. Led the service the prior of Catherina Cathedral prior of the Eastern District Archpriest Peter Koval.
   After the service, the head of the department of social service and charity Kherson diocese UCC Priest Sergei Dmitriev was awarded the Order of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas "for charity" philanthropist, benefactor, the head of a charitable organization is Ustin Maltsev. 
   As you know Ustin Maltsev has long been known in the Kherson their good deeds. In 2008, he was aware of and understood to the need of society in a fair, responsible, systematic and transparent goodness to create just charity. Whose activities Ustin sent to support the younger generation, and the areas of life such as health, education, culture and spirituality.
  "Awarding the Order of the Church - it's not just high reward, it's still one of God blessing a man who is not indifferent revival of spirituality", - said the priest Sergey Dmitriev.
"It is a great honor to receive the Order of" St. Nicholas, "but this is not just my award, it is an achievement of each citizen of Kherson each and every person f order and responsibilities each day to work for the achievement of goodness and stability in our society" - summed Ustin Maltsev .

Give to him that asketh thee, and from him that would borrow of thee turn not thou away.

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